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Combine Kite promotion with order discounts codes in Kite app

Kite discounts are created as product discounts which can by default be combined with other product discounts set in the store.

Discount Combination Settings in Kite app

Kite discounts can be combined with site wide order discounts by enabling a setting. The site wide order discount should have the "combine with product discount" toggle enabled for this to function.

To combine Shopify discounts with app discounts, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Kite app in your Shopify admin dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Edit for the relevant promotion from the Kite home (skip this step if creating a new promotion).
Step 3: Identify a section "Discount Combination Settings" in the configuration page.
Step 4: Enable the checkbox.
Step 5 : Hit save.
Step 6 : Ensure that Combine with product discount setting is enabled in your Shopify discount code.

The video below will guide you on How to Verify if Discount Combination Functionality are enabled for your store

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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