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Fly - Combos & Upsell - Introduction


Login into your admin panel.
Install the app.
Click on "Configure" button on the Fixed Combos card.
This will initiate the Fixed Combo creation steps:
- 4.1. Enter Combo Name.
- 4.2. Enter Product Title.
- 4.3. Click on "Add Products" button.
- 4.4. Select products and their variants for creating the Combo.

Note: You may select up to 10 products, with a total of 3 variant selection categories across all 10 products.

- 4.5. Add the selected products to the page.
- 4.6. You may change the preset quantity multiple of the add product components in the Combo.
- 4.7. Click "Save" (right top of the page).

Head into your Products section in the Shopify admin panel.
- 5.1. Search for the name of the Combo you just created.
- 5.2. Add Sales channel "online store" to the active sales channels.
- 5.3. Add Image for the combo product and you may also add an image for each variant combination (similar to how you would add an image for a normal product).
- 5.4. Click "Save" and your combo product is ready.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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