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Free Gifts: Getting Started

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Text Guide - Setting up a Free Gift Promotion in Kite (end-to-end)
Scribe Guide - Setting up a Free Gift Promotion in Kite (end-to-end)
Video Guide - Setting up a Free Gift Promotion in Kite (end-to-end)
Tips for Enhancing User Experience

Simplified Text Walkthrough for Setting Up a Free Gift Promotion in Kite

1. Accessing Kite in Shopify

- Navigate to the Shopify Admin Panel.
- Click on "Apps" and find "Kite: Free Gift" or search for it.

2. Initiating the Promotion Setup

- In Kite, click "Create Promotion" (near right top of the page)
- Identify and click "Configure" on the "Free Gifts" card.

3. Configuring Your Promotion

- Naming the Promotion: Add a descriptive "Promotion Name."
- Gift Options Setup:
- Start with the default visible Gift Option #1.
- Customize rules, set thresholds for cart spend/product count, select qualifying and gift products, and decide the discount percentage.
- Add up to 5 unique gift conditions by selecting "Add Gift Option" and repeating the customization process.
- All gift options will run at the same time.

4. Widget and Promotion Settings

- Widget Configuration: Adjust "Show Free Gift Widget Settings" for customer notifications on Product and Cart pages
- Free Gift Configuration: Choose if customers can select their gift or if it’s automatically added.
- Free Gift Settings: Decide if customers receive one or multiple gifts.

5. Finalizing Your Promotion

- Scheduling: Define the duration of your promotion using "Schedule Settings."
- Eligibility and Discounts: Adjust "Free Gift Eligibility" if necessary and enable "Discount Combination Settings" for combined promotions.
- Content Customization: Use "Gift Text Configuration" and "Variables" for dynamic widget messaging.
- Save your configurations.
- Make final adjustments in Kite's "Settings" page.

Setting up a Free Gift Promotion in Kite

Video guide for setting up a Free Gift promotion in Kite

Tips for Enhancing User Experience

- Clarity in Naming: Choose clear, descriptive names for your promotions to avoid confusion.
- Simplicity in Rules: Keep the rules and conditions for the promotion as simple as possible to encourage customer participation.
- Informative Widgets: Ensure the widget messaging is informative and engaging to boost customer awareness of the promotion.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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