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Activating the Kite app extension in your Shopify theme is vital for displaying promotions and widgets on the store, which is key to the app's functionality. Without activating the app extension, changes your make in the configuration for your promotion, will not appear on your store.

How do I activate an app extension to ensure my promotions and widgets appear on the store?**

Here are the steps :

Navigate to the Shopify Admin Panel:

Access the Themes Section:
- Go to the 'Online Store' section and select 'Themes'.

Edit Your Current Theme:
- Find the theme you want to activate the app on and click 'Customize'.

Optional: Activating on a Draft Theme:
If you want to test the Kite app on a draft theme first:
- Follow the same steps as above, but select a draft theme from your themes list.
- This allows you to experiment and make adjustments in a non-live environment, ensuring everything functions perfectly before it goes live on your store.

Add the App Extension:
- In the theme editor, look for the option to enable the app embed. This might be in the very left navigation panel.

Enable the Free Gift extension:
- Look out for Free Gift extension and ensure that its enabled.

Save Your Changes:
- After enabling the app extension, make sure to save your changes.

Note: Incase you have enabled the app extension on a draft theme, and now wish to make it live on your active theme.
- Follow the same process, but this time select the active theme and then enable the app extension.
- Please ensure to save it.

Remember, activating the Kite app extension is crucial for integrating its promotions and widgets seamlessly with your Shopify store.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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