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Kite inApp: BoGo Customer Gets Note

FAQ: Configuring 'Customer Gets' in BOGO Offers

When configuring the 'Customer Gets' part of a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offer, the focus is on selecting Product Y, the item that customers will receive at a discounted price. It's important to ensure that Product Y is different from the product selected in the 'Customer Buys' section. If you find that the same product is being selected for both 'Customer Buys' and 'Customer Gets', it's advisable to switch to the "Buy X Get X" rule for a more appropriate offer setup.

Note: If the selected product for 'Customer Gets' is the same as the 'Customer Buys' product (or Product X), this may lead to larger discounts than intended. It is crucial to carefully select distinct products for each part of the offer to avoid unintended high discounts.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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