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Byte - Get Started with Quiz and Surveys

Here's how you can get started on setting up a Quiz or Survey on Byte:

To see an entire follow along walkthrough demo, navigate to this article here.

To create a quiz or survey, click on the required option to get started.

For example, if you want to create a quiz. Click on create a quiz.

You can either start by using an existing template or create one from scratch.

For example, to choose the Style Finder template, click on Use Template or Start from scratch

Create : You can add the pages and questions in this tab. Also, edit the design settings for the entire quiz/survey here. The settings tab will help you change the name of the quiz/survey and the type of recommendations that the user must see: Individual Products/Collections/Product Types.

Add Pages and Questions here

Change Design Settings of the quiz/survey here

Change name and recommendations type in the settings

Products: You can include/exclude products mapped to every option of the questions here.

To understand how product recommendations work, refer this article here.

Include/Exclude Products to each option of the Questions

Logic: You can create branching and conditional logic here. Basically you might want to redirect an user to a particular page of the quiz/survey based on the option they choose. You can create multiple rules here based on the number of options you have for each quiz/survey.

See full demo on how to setup logic and outcomes here

Multiple rules and conditions to redirect users based on logic.

Results: There are two parts to this: the product recommendations in quiz or results in survey and option based outcomes.

Product Recommendations/Results: You can change how your product recommendations look like after your customers complete the quiz. For survey, you can choose to
show text and images on the final screen after your customer completes the survey.

You can choose to change the title, subtitle, also control how many products you want to display or event add text/image/buttons here

You can choose to change the title, subtitle, background and add image/text/button blocks

Outcomes: You can map different outcome landing pages to different options of the pages. For example, if you are creating a hair quiz and you want to map different hair
routines to customers with different scalp types. You can choose this to get displayed on the recommendations page as well along with the standalone outcome landing pages.

See full demo on how to setup logic and outcomes here

Create multiple outcomes for multiple result types.

blocks." class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-image">Clicking on each outcome will lead you to a screen where you can change the details of the outcome like mapping to different options of each question as well add content <br class= blocks." loading="lazy"/>

Save and Preview/Publish: After creating the quiz/survey - do not forget to save it! In the upper right corner, click on the save button and preview to see how your preview looks like. If you don't want your preview clicks to be counted in the analytics, go back to the settings and click on "Enable Test Mode" - this will allow only actual customer clicks to be visible on quiz/survey analytics.

Always save your results before previewing. You can copy and start sharing the link immediately or use on your store as soon as you are confident about your quiz/survey!

Enable Test Mode to make sure your quiz/survey analytics don't count your preview/test clicks

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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