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How to add default products in Bundle flows?

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Feature: Bundle Set-up

Products to be included in the bundle by default can be set in the bundle flow settings in the products page.

Accessories and products that are essential for a full bundle can be added as default products to reduce number of steps for the customer while building their bundle.


Toggle "Enable Default Products" in the "Discounts, Subscriptions & Default Products" sections of Bundle Flow Settings
Choose products to be added into the bundle
Click on selected products to adjust quantity of default products
Click "Save Default Product Settings"


Default products will be added automatically on the footer in the first step of the bundle flow
Default products cannot be removed from the bundle by the customer
Default products will be considered for the bundle discount rules configured by the merchant
Default rules will not affect the Product Page level conditions

Default products can be combined with bundle discounts and Product Page level conditions to upsell premium products and its accessories at a bundle level or fixed bundle price discount

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Updated on: 07/04/2024

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