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How to configure Customer Eligibility Rules in Kite app - Tags

Customer Eligibility Rules section in Free Gift and Discounts

The video below will guide you on How to configure Customer Eligibility Rules in Kite app

Eligibility Rules in Kite App Promotion Configuration

The Eligibility Rules section in the Kite app's promotion configuration allows you to offer promotions for a specific subset of customers. There are two criteria for eligibility:

Customer is logged in:
- This criterion ensures that promotions are offered only to customers who have logged in to the store.
- Other customers will neither see the store front widgets nor receive the promotions in the cart.

Customer tags:
- When using the customer tags criterion, avoid adding the 'customer logged in' criterion separately.
- The customer tags criterion, by default, includes the 'customer logged in' condition. Essentially, customer tags can only be validated if the customer is already logged in.
- To use this criterion, input the tags in the designated section and press enter to submit. The input will be updated on the side with a green background (similar to the screenshot).

When employing multiple criteria and/or multiple tags, as long as the customer meets at least one criterion or any one tag, they will be eligible for the promotion.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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