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How to create Custom fields on product cards for personalization?

Custom Fields can be used to collect personalization information on the bundle products like name to be printed, design to be seleted, Or other options

The customization will be added as a line item property on the property selected. The property key can be set by the merchant as they require
One page can only have one combination of custom fields - it cannot be customized for each product in the page. If there are products that require different custom feilds - use different product pages

in case you want more types of custom fields like date, Numbers etc - Kindly reach out to us on the in-app chat

To set it up

Click Edit on your bundle flow

Click edit on the bundle step for which you add create custom fields.

Go to additional configuration and click on custom fields

Enable Custom Product Fields and choose the option whether you want to apply it for some specific products or for all the products.

Add form components ( Text, Image or Radio) based on your requirements.

If you are choosing text, add the required information on the text form which is required from the user

Field Label : Here you can add a Label for your field such as Enter your Name
Field Property Name : Enter a unique property name also if you don’t want to show it on the cart or checkout page add "_" before the property name.
Placeholder Text : This will be shown in the product It’s the main text which you want to display Example NAme
Then you can set the character limit
Error Message : You can set a text which should come when info is not correctly filled Example : Please enter the Name
This is a mandatory field: If you want the details mandatory from the customer then check this box
Show Value on Summary Page: If you want to show the detail which you have asked in the text component on the summary/cart page then you can check this box.

Save the settings .

This is the preview on the bundle page

Text Field Preview

If you want the customers to add an image refer to this example:

Make the changes and hit save and this is how it will look like on the product page

Image Selector Field

Radio Component is basically used to make a selection on the product page, If you want to add Radio Selection Component refer to this image below :

Radio Selection Field

Radio Selection Preview

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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