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How to link bundle to dummy product?

Once you have successfully linked your dummy product to your bundle, an option to select the bundle will be displayed when a user opens that product page. The "*Add to Cart**" button will be replaced with "**Select bundle products**" where the user will be redirected to the bundle flow when they click on it.

Step 1: Navigate to Publish Bundle Section

After creating your bundle flow and adding the necessary steps, you will find the "Publish bundle" option available. It allows you to make your bundle available for linking to a product.

Publish bundle

Step 2: Enable Theme App Extension

Enable theme app extension to enable this functionality on your store by clicking the blue hyperlink marked .

Theme app extension

Ensure that the toggle is turned on and click Save. Once Saved the Button will turn to grey.


Once you click on "Publish bundle," you will see the "Link bundle to dummy product" option. Click on it to proceed

In the "*Link bundle to dummy product**" section, you will find a "**Browse product**" button. Click on it to select the product you want to link to your bundle.

Select products you want to link to the bundle

Updated on: 21/04/2024

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