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Steps to check when Free Gift promotion is not working on the store

Kite app uses latest Shopify Discount Functions unlike some other apps that use Draft orders or hacks, and hence needs the Free Gift product to be a normal store product.

Ensure that the products selected as free gift in promotion:

Step 1: Are published on online store sales channel
Step 2: They have some inventory
Step 3: They have some pricing (Kite will ensure that the price of the gift product for only the first qty is made zero in cart, rest qty will be added at full price)
Step 4: They are set as active from the product's setting in Shopify's Admin Dashboard.

Check if Theme extension is enabled for Kite on your online store. Read more here.

The video below will guide you on making the Promotion visible on Product pages or Cart pages

Still didn't work? Let us know via inApp chat and we will have it resolved.

Updated on: 04/05/2024

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