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Buy X Get Y - Setting up BOGO in Kite

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) Promotional Strategies

How to Set Up a BoGo Offer in Kite App

Q: How do I set up a BoGo offer on my store?
A: Setting up a BoGo offer involves several key steps:

Promotion Name Setup:
- Unique Name: Begin by creating a unique promotion name. This name will be displayed to customers on the card page, replacing the discount code.

Selecting Book Offer Type:
- Offer Options: Choose your offer type from two options:
- Buy X Get Y: Customers purchase a specified number of items "X" to receive a different item "Y" as a bonus.
- Buy X Get X: Customers purchase a specified number of items "X" to receive the same item "X" as a bonus.

Customer Buys Product Setup:
- Choosing Products: Decide on the 'Customer Buys' product (Product X). You can select specific products or entire collections based on your preference.
- Quantity Requirements: Set the required quantity for the 'Customer Buys' part of the offer.

Customer Gets Product Setup:
- Product Selection: Choose the 'Customer Gets' product (Product Y).
- Offer Details: Specify the offer quantity and the discount percentage for this part of the offer.

Enabling BOGO Widget on Storefront:
- Visibility Setting: Activating this setting will display the offer visibly on the selected Customer Buys product (Product Y) pages, making it clear for customers.

Scheduling the BOGO Offer:
- Campaign Duration: You have the option to run the campaign continuously or schedule it to start and end at specific times.

Remember, each step is crucial for a successful book offer setup, ensuring a clear and attractive offer for your customers.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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