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Customizing Colors and Language of your Bundle.

The video below will describe the how you can customize the colors and language of your bundle flow

To modify the colors or language of your bundle navigate to the settings tab in the side navigation of the app.

To change colors the click configure in the color configuration tab in the settings page

Use the quick settings to set a primary color button background color and text color to change all the colors of your bundle in a go.
You could also enable the advanced toggle to change the colors of individual elements of the bundle to your liking.

To change language the click configure in the language configuration tab in the settings page

You can change the label and text of every button and other default labels on the bundle flow by using editing it in the respective section and clicking save
For Multi Language - we can change the language mode from single to multilanguage and select the language you want to edit for

We can use custom CSS in our app for more advanced configuration of the bundle like Increasing text size, having circular buttons and changing colors of individual bundles independently. Do reach out on chat to get these modifications for your bundles

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Updated on: 26/05/2024

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