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How orders shown in checkout and Shopify backend in Easy Bundles?

Order Presentation at Checkout

When a customer creates a bundle by selecting products from a single bundle, the checkout display is as follows:

It's important to note that inventory tracking is seamlessly managed by Shopify itself. No manual adjustments are made on our end. This ensures accurate inventory management for your products.

1 bundle at checkout

Each product from the bundle is shown as an individual line item during checkout.
The product's line item includes the bundle's name, indicating where the items were selected from.
Additionally, a unique Box ID is associated with the bundle. This Box ID serves as an identifier for the specific products and which bundle they go into.

2 bundles at checkout

The Bundle Box ID serves as a marker to distinguish which bundle the item belongs to, numbered as 1, 2, and so forth, representing different bundle boxes.

Backend Order Section on Shopify

The representation of your orders in the backend order section of Shopify aligns with the checkout display described above.

Bundle order as shown in Shopify Orders section

Integration with 3rd Party Logistics Apps In the event that you have integrated 3rd party logistics apps, their functionality remains consistent. There's no disruption in the way these apps operate, ensuring a seamless logistics process for your business.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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