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How to customize discount text?

Discount Messages

To customise the discount text for your bundle :

Open your bundle flow.
Click on Discounts
Enable discounts and set rules for your desired discounts.
Click on "Discount Messaging" and set the discount text, which will be shown on the bundle page footer.

**Discount variables:**

{{Discount condition Diff}}: This represents the difference which gets created based on your rule
{{Discount unit }}: This represents the unit if you set any.
{{Discount Value}}: This represents the actual discount value applied to the bundle.
{{Discount value Unit }}: This represents the Discount Value Unit Example INR
You can also add the words if you want in the discount Text but without brackets.

To preview the customised discount text on your bundle :

After setting the discount text, save your changes in the top right corner.
Check your bundle page to see how the customised discount text appears.

**Note: If sometimes your discount messaging would look like 50$ instead of $50, just change the discount messaging variable from {{ discountValue }}{{discountValueUnit}} to {{ discountValueUnit }}{{discountValue}}**

Updated on: 07/04/2024

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