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How to reorder products in your bundle?

You have few options to reorder products in a bundle:

1. If you have select collections, the products will follow the order within those collections. The products will be displayed on the bundle in the same order they are appearing within that collection. If you want to change the order of products then you have to do it in your collection first and then sync the collection with the app.

Please note : You will get the sync collection option on your bundle flow page. Refer to the picture below

Click on Edit in your bundle steps

2 If you have added products in the bundle steps then you can  drag and drop the products to rearrange them.

For that first go to your bundle flow then edit the bundle and then click on edit on the step where you want to reorder the products. Once you open your particular step there you will find your selected products and you can simply drag and drop them to reorder. Refer to this picture below
Drag and drop products

If I've selected multiple collections for your bundle then  the display order will follow the order of those collections alphabetically .

You have the flexibility to arrange products according to your preferences using either the drag-and-drop method or by structuring your collections thoughtfully.

Updated on: 07/04/2024

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