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How to integrate GiftKart with Klaviyo?

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Feature: Email Integration

Click on Email Configuration < Configure
Click on Integrate with Klaviyo. Now you need to add Klaviyo API key
So for that key you need to go on Klaviyo settings
Click on Settings .Go to the API key and copy and paste it in giftcard dashboard
Once you have done this Giftkart and Klaviyo are integrated. Now you can design your Flows

List of Variables

{{ event.dynamicGiftcardProductVariantImg }} - Gift Card Image
{{ event.giftcardAmount }} - Gift Card Amount
{{ event.hrefLink }} - Redeem Page Link
{{ event.receiverEmail }} - Recipient Email
{{ event.receiverName }} - Receiver Name
{{ event.replyToEmail }} - Brand Email
{{ event.senderEmail }} - Sender Email
{{ event.senderName }} - Sender Name
{{ event.shopName }} - Store Name
{{ event.giftcardNote }} - Gift Note

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Updated on: 20/01/2023

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