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How to Integrate GiftKart with Omnisend

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Feature: Email Integration

Here’s a quick video about how you can enable Omnisend Integration with GiftKart

Go onto the Omni-send ,Click on store settings
Now click on API keys.
Click on Create a API key
Give a name to the API key {It is recommended to give it a app name so that you don't get confuse}
Now you can remove all the options except campaigns and events. Click on Save.
Now it has created an API key for you which you can copy and paste it on app dashboard under the section Email-configuration< Omnisend

Here are the list of variables that you can use in your email templates

[[custom_event.dynamicGiftcardProductVariantImg]] - Gift Card Image

[[custom_event.hrefLink]] - Redeem Page Link

[[custom_event.receiverEmail]] - Recipient Email

[[custom_event.receiverName]] - Receiver Name

[[ custom_event.replyToEmail ]] - Brand Email

[[custom_event.senderEmail]] - Sender Email

[[custom_event.senderName]] - Sender Name

[[custom_event.shopName]] - Store Name

[[custom_event.giftcardNote]] - Gift Note

[[custom_event.variantTitle]] - Gift Card Variant

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Updated on: 20/01/2023

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