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How to set up a Bundle Flow?

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Feature: Bundle Flow

The video below will describe the bundle flow setup and how the different sections in the setup of the bundle flow interact with the end customer bundle building experience.

Step 1: Create a New Bundle Flow
To create a new bundle flow, give the bundle a name and click on "Create Bundle Flow". This will take you to the bundle steps page where you can create bundle steps.

Step 2: Create Bundle Steps
Click on "Create Bundle Step" to add new steps to your bundle. You can choose between the single category page or the multiple category page. Make sure that you select "Active" for the pages you want to display on your online store. You can change the text and title for each page, and add conditions and filters (explained in a separate video).

Step 3: Add Default Products (optional)
Enable default products by toggling the button and select the products that you want to appear as default. These products will be pre-selected at the start of the product selection and cannot be removed by the customer.

Step 4: Enable Personalization
Enable personalization by toggling the button. You can customize the text and add different sections such as messages, greeting cards, and customer uploads.

Step 5: Customize Summary Page
Add a summary page for customers to review their selections before checkout. Customize the text and layout of the page.

Step 6: Apply Discounts
Apply discounts to your bundle by choosing between a fixed amount, percentage of the bundle price, or a fixed bundle price. Set criteria for the discount such as amount or quantity.

Step 7: Customize Your Bundle
In the Settings section, you can customize the colors, language, font, and other elements of your bundle. Make sure to save any changes you make.

Step 8: Test and Customize
Test the functionality and design of your bundle by clicking "View Bundle". If you need any help or customization, you can reach out to the support team through the chat or help section.

Step 9: Publish Your Bundle to Your Store
Once you are happy with your bundle flow, you can link it to your store. You can either copy the link and place it anywhere on your store or create a dummy product and link the bundle to that product.

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Updated on: 12/05/2023

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