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How to change colors, language and font of my bundle builder?

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Feature: Bundle Customization

The colours in the bundle can be changed from the Colors Customization heading in the Branding Customization section in:

Easy bundles Settings > Color Configuration

Bundles colors can be quickly changed using the quick settings.
For control of individual components the Advanced Settings need to be enabled and the colors can be changed form there.

Color Hex codes are required to update the color of the bundle .

The language and text in the bundle can be changed from the Language Configuration section in the Language configuration under Settings

All navigation and condition related texts can be updated in the general settings
Text for page specific sections like Personalization Page and Summary Page can be updated in the respective sections in the same screen.
Bundles can be optimized for multiple languages by enabling the multi language mode and selecting the language.

The fonts for the bundle can be changed from the Font Settings section under Settings

You need to put the Font family name which in the Font settings field
The particular font will be implemented across all the bundle builder pages

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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