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How to integrate Easy Bundles with Subscriptions?

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Feature: Bundle Subscriptions

Easy Bundles can be integrated with a subscription app to offer bundles bought as subscriptions.

You will need a compatible Subscription app to to manage your subscriptions separately

All products in the bundle must have common subscription/pricing plans assigned through the subscription app
In the bundle configuration page the subscription toggle is to be toggled on to enable bundles to be bought as subscriptions.
Discounts set in the conditions section of the bundle will be applied on the subscription purchase only for their first payment by default.
Recurring discounts can be enabled through the advanced settings in subscription once the toggle is turned on. Read more: How to setup Recurring Discounts?
Merchants can also toggle off the one time purchase toggle to only allow subscription purchases of bundles.

Subscriptions configurations

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Updated on: 20/01/2023

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