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How to fix Side cart refresh issue - Kite app ?

How to fix Side cart refresh issue - Kite app ?

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Store names

Veracity selfcare
BM Beauty

Issue Description:
When a product is added to the cart and the threshold for a free gift is met, the free gift does not load or appear in the side cart as expected.

You add a product to your cart, and there's a promotion offering a free gift when you reach a certain spending threshold. Despite meeting this threshold, the free gift does not show up in the side cart as it should - Check the image below


Open the Side cart - Right click on your mouse - Click on Inspect element
Move your mouse pointer over the items in the cart, and you'll notice a class called "drawer_content." This class is associated with the content displayed in the side cart.
Note that various themes may use different classes. Identify the class specifically related to the items added in the side cart. Look for the one that corresponds to the content inside the cart on the side of the page.

Go to Kite app and Click on Custom CSS and Javascript settings

Paste the "drawer_content" in Side cart selector and Save it. Note: Don’t forget to add a . before the selector without any space.

To ensure the side cart stays open after adding the free gift, find the parent section ID by hovering over the entire side cart. In the given image, the section ID is "mini-cart." This ID is crucial for maintaining the visibility of the side cart when the free gift is added.

Paste the "mini-cart" in Side cart section id and Save it. Note: For ID, you don’t have to add . before the id name.

You can see after adding the product the FREE gift gets added - its visible and the Side cart stays open.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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