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How to hide price in dummy product page?

How to change the layout of a dummy product and remove certain elements like prices or descriptions?

Follow these simple steps to customize the layout of your dummy product:

Step 1: Access the theme customization settings:

Go to your existing themes or draft themes in your store.
Click on the "Customize" option for the desired theme.

Customize theme

Step 2: Create a new product template:

In the customization panel, locate the "Search online store" option.
Select "Products" and click on "Create New Template".
Enter a name for the template, for example, "Easy Bundle Product Template". You can base it on the default product template.

Create Template

Step 3: Customize the product page:

In the newly created product template, you can choose to hide elements such as price, variant options, quantity selector, or any other elements you don't want to show.

Hide or reorder elements

Once you have made the desired changes, click on "Save" on the top left corner to preserve the modifications.

Step 4: Apply the customized template to your dummy product:

To make the changes live, go to the product section of your store and find the dummy product.
Click on the dummy product to access its details.
Look for the "Theme Template" option, usually located in the bottom corner under the "Online Store" section.

Set template on dummy product

Select the "*Easy Bundle Product Template**" (or the name you gave to your customized template).
This will automatically remove the price and any other elements you chose to hide from the dummy product.

the layout of your dummy product and customize it to meet your specific requirements.

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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