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Kite inApp: BoGo Rule Types

What are the different types of BoGo offers I can set up?

There are two main types of BoGo (Buy One, Get One) offers you can set up in your store from Kite App:

Buy X Get Y:
- Description: In this offer, when a customer buys a specific item "X", they get a different item "Y" as a bonus. This bonus item can be offered for free or at a discounted price.
- Use Case: This is ideal for promoting new products or moving less popular inventory by pairing it with popular items.

Buy X Get X:
- Description: In this offer, when a customer buys an item "X", they get the same item "X" again as a bonus. The bonus can either be free or offered at a reduced price.
- Use Case: This works well for encouraging bulk purchases of the same item, often used for products with high repeat usage or those that are frequently bought in multiples.

Both these BOGO offer types are effective tools for increasing sales, encouraging bulk purchases, and introducing customers to a broader range of products in your store.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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