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Fly Bundles & Upsell support for POS

The compatibility of bundles with Shopify Point of Sale (POS) is currently influenced by the existing features and constraints within the Shopify platform. Here's a clearer breakdown:

How Bundles are Created:
We use Shopify's recommended methods to create our bundles, ensuring they integrate smoothly with Shopify's overall system.

Shopify Ecosystem Limitations:
Since the concept of bundling is relatively new to Shopify, there are some inherent limitations, particularly with integrating bundles into the Shopify POS system.

Current Compatibility:
At the moment, Shopify does not have the capability to support bundles specifically designed for its POS system. As our system depends on Shopify's capabilities, we're unable to offer bundle support for Shopify POS just yet.

Future Developments:
We are actively working to improve our features and keep up with new developments from Shopify. As soon as Shopify enables support for bundled products on their POS system, we will update our offerings to include this functionality.

We recognize the value of this feature for improving sales strategies in physical stores and are committed to enabling it as soon as it becomes feasible through Shopify.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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