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Getting Started with Fly Bundles and Upsells

The Fly Bundles app offers three different types of bundles:

1. Fixed Bundle: Customers can choose different variants or options for each product within the bundle. This type is ideal for situations where customers want the flexibility to customize their bundle by choosing specific variants or options for each product. No variant limit on any product!

Here is where you can learn how to set it up

Fixed bundle

2. Volume Bundle: This type offers increasing discounts as customers purchase larger quantities. It's useful for encouraging customers to buy in bulk by offering them discounts based on the quantity purchased.

Here is where you can learn how to set it up

Volume Bundles

Here is where you can learn how to set it up

Bundle Upsell - Frequently Bought together

Displaying the bundle on your product page

To display the widget on the product page :
Ensure theme app extension is enabled on your online store theme
Ensure the bundle products and the parent product are active
Ensure the bundle offer is active

The widget should automatically display on the selected product page if all the above steps are done. If it does not display, there must be a custom theme interference. To fix for this kindly follow the steps in this video

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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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