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FlyFAQ: Discounts on the Fly bundles app

How discounts are applied on Fly bundles

Bundle discounts are applied using Shopify's latest cart transformation function, which displays the bundle as a single item in the cart while splitting the individual items on the backend order.

Bundle discounts are not applied through discount codes

Order-level discounts will stack on top of bundle discounts. If offering a site-wide discount, you can set up product-level discounts for all items except the bundle to prevent multiple discounts on the bundle.
Currently, due to Shopify's limitations, we cannot prevent discounts from being applied to the volume bundle or Bundle upsell. However, we will implement this feature as soon as it becomes available.

How does the 'Discount applied' functionality on the bundles work

We can only customize the display widget's pricing to showcase various offers. This allows you to present discounts on the entire bundle or only specific products within it. For instance, you might offer a buy-one-get-one deal or a discount on just one product in the bundle. The displayed price will reflect the bundled product as a whole, not the individual items.

If individual products are selected the set dynamic discount will be applied on each of the selected products

The discount affects only the prices shown on the storefront. In the backend, the discount is equally divided among the products in the bundle, based on their original prices, as automatically managed by Shopify.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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