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Fly Bundles & Upsell support with Subscription Apps

Currently, the ability to integrate bundles with subscription models in our system is limited by what's available within the Shopify ecosystem. Here’s a more straightforward explanation:

How We Create Bundles:
Our bundles are constructed using Shopify functions, following the platform's recommended methods for creating bundles. This ensures they integrate smoothly with Shopify and adhere to its standards.

Shopify Ecosystem Limitations:
Since bundling is a relatively recent addition to Shopify, it comes with certain constraints. A notable limitation is the difficulty in combining bundled products with subscription models.

Current Compatibility:
As of now, Shopify does not offer the functionality to mix bundled products with subscriptions. As our system depends on Shopify’s capabilities, we are unable to support this feature at present.

Future Developments:
We are dedicated to enhancing our features as Shopify evolves. We will introduce support for bundling products with subscriptions as soon as Shopify makes this functionality available.

We recognize the significance of this feature for many businesses and are actively keeping an eye on Shopify's updates to provide this functionality as soon as it’s possible.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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