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Store requirements for Fly Bundles & Upsells

The requirements to use Fly bundles & upsell app on your Shopify store may be influenced by various constraints and specific configurations of your store. Here is an overview of key factors that might affect your ability to use these apps:

Checkout Customizations:
Bundle apps are incompatible with stores that have custom modifications in checkout.liquid. To address this issue, you may want to switch to Checkout Extensibility, which provides better flexibility and supports bundling features more effectively.

Shopify Scripts:
Using Shopify Scripts can disrupt the functionality of bundle apps. When scripts are active, bundled products are automatically set to draft status. To reactivate bundling features, these scripts must be unpublished, ensuring the bundle apps function smoothly.

Sales Channel Limitations:
Currently, bundle apps only work within the Online Store sales channel. They cannot be used with Shopify Point of Sale or integrated with selling plans. If your sales approach relies on these channels, bundle apps may not align well with your business model.

Compatibility with Apps and Payment Gateways:
There may be issues of compatibility between bundle apps and certain other apps or payment gateways. These conflicts typically arise from differences in how these services process orders or manage inventory. It's crucial to verify that your existing apps and payment systems are compatible with any bundle app you plan to implement.

Should you encounter any issues regarding the compatibility of bundle apps, it's advisable to reassess your store’s settings and make appropriate adjustments. For additional support or specific inquiries, please contact our support team via the in-app chat or email us at

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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