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How to create Fixed Bundles with Independent product page using Fly?

Fly Bundles & Upsell offers a robust way to create Fixed Bundles similar to Shopify's own bundle functionalities, focusing on enhancing both usability and adaptability:

Creating a New Bundle:
When you set up a Fixed Bundle with Fly Bundles & Upsells, it generates a new product listing in your Shopify store. This listing represents the bundle and combines the individual products you've chosen.

Shopify Product Constraints:
The new bundle is treated just like any other product on Shopify. unlike other bundle apps on the market, we do not have any limitation o the number of products or the variant selections in each product.

Customizing Bundle Details:
You can tweak various aspects of the Fixed Bundle in the same way you would with a standard Shopify product. This includes altering the price, setting a promotional comparison price, and changing the visibility or status of the product.

These features allow you to effectively manage and customize your bundles, aligning them with your store's needs and your customers' preferences.

Follow these steps to set up Fixed Bundles on your store

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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